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Leaf Pickup by Zones Underway

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The City of Bowling Green's Web Site

DATE: November 2, 2012




Leaf Hotline 270.393.3333


BOWLING GREEN, KY- Bowling Green Public Works crews are wrapping up
the end of the first week of loose leaf pickup by zones today. Pickups
by work zones began in Zone 2 on Monday, October 29.  Today and
Monday, November 5, crews will be in Zone 4.  Residents can check
their zones and schedule by checking out the City's website at (   Zone pickup dates are also
posted on the City's event calendar.

As a courtesy, the City also sends a direct mail postcard to most
households notifying them of their zone and pickup dates.  This year,
households in Zones 2 and 3 received their notice too late to prepare
for their first pickup of the season.  This is the second year that the
City has used direct mail to promote its loose leaf pickup service, and
we regret the delay.  All loose leaf information is posted on the
City's website, on the hotline, and was included in paid advertising in
the Daily News.   

Residents are reminded that dates for leaf pickup may change depending
upon weather conditions, equipment breakdown, or variations in the
foliage density and rate of leaf fall between zones. The rate of leaf
fall typically begins slowly, peaks around mid-November, and then
dwindles through the end of December.

Zone pickup dates, zone descriptions and leaf pickup guidelines are
published on the city's web site
at and were published in the
Daily News, in the November and December CityPage articles in SOKY
Happenings, and on Government Access Channel 4. Pickup dates will also
be available on a weekly basis via the Leaf Hotline (393-3333).


October 15:  Begin testing equipment and taking individual pickup
requests from citizens.

October 29 (Tentative): Leaf Season zone pickup begins starting in Zone
2. Individual request pickups discontinue when zone pickups begin.

November 22 & 23:  No leaf pickup due to Thanksgiving holiday

December 24 & 25:  –No leaf pickup due to Christmas Holiday

December 31:  –Daily leaf pickup by zone officially ends

January 1:  —No leaf pickup due to New Year's Holiday

January 2 thru January 31:  – Leaf pickup resumes on a call-in
basis. Pickup will also be accomplished as needed to re-establish free
drainage. The Leaf Hotline is active at this time.  For more
information about the pickup dates and zones, call the Leaf Hotline at

MEDIA INQUIRIES: For more information about the Public Works Loose Leaf
Pickup crews and procedures, call Bobby Phelps at 393-3363.