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ICAC Meeting today

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DATE: August 14, 2012




Leyda Becker

First official meeting of the City's International Communities
Advisory Council

Bowling Green, KY - The City of Bowling Green is hosting the first
official meeting for the City of Bowling Green's International
Communities Advisory Council (ICAC) on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at
6:00pm at the Commission Chamber in City Hall, 1001 College Street,
Bowling Green.

The ICAC is being established to advise the Community Services
Specialist/International Communities Liaison regarding the needs of
immigrant and international residents in Bowling Green.  The ICAC
represents members of our diverse communities and identify issues of
concern, important changes in needs of the immigrant and international
community and general ideas for improving the City's mission of
"strengthening our vibrant community by focusing on quality of life,
service delivery, fiscal responsibility, public safety, neighborhood
revitalization, visionary leadership, and economic development.”

The City of Bowling Green held an interest meeting for the ICAC on June
12, 2012, there were twelve representatives in attendance representing
the countries of Burma, Bosnia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, and
Nepal.  Prospective members must be recognized as leaders within their
own cultural and ethnic groups, or represent community organizations and
agencies that work with the immigrant and international communities. 
For more information on the ICAC and to submit an application visit us
at ( under featured links at
"International Communities Liaison” or contact Leyda Becker at