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and the Public Works Leaf Hotline at 393-3333

Loose Leaf Pickup Guidelines

In an effort to keep the leaf crews on schedule and to prevent leaf machines from breaking down the following guidelines have been implemented:

  • The City is divided into ten (10) work zones.
  • Leaves must be raked to the curb the day before the zone is scheduled to receive service.
  • Each zone will receive service for two (2) consecutive business days on a rotating basis.
  • A zone will not receive service before the scheduled pickup date.
  • If a zone is not completed within the two (2) day period, the leaf crews will move into the next scheduled zone and back track to complete the incomplete zones as time permits.
  • Leaves must not be raked in the street, in the gutter-line, on the sidewalks, around parked cars, or around fire hydrants.

Right Way

Right way to rake leaves

Wrong Way

Wrong way to rake leaves
  • Leaves must not obstruct drainage structures, catch basins, mailboxes, sidewalks, or guy wires.
  • Leaves must be free of limbs, rocks, tires, wheels, household trash, or other debris that can damage equipment or cause injury.
  • Leaves will be picked up on the street or alley the residence faces.
  • Leaves will not be picked up within privately owned trailer parks, on private property, in subdivision outside the city limits, or on the premises of businesses.
  • Scott Waste Management will pick up bagged leaves on your regular garbage pickup day.
  • Insure leaf piles are clear of any debris including tree limbs, rocks, household trash, wheels/tires, etc. These items can injure personnel, damage property, or damage the leaf machines which delays the pickup schedule.
  • If we intentionally do not pick up your leaves, we will place an ORANGE door hanger on your door explaining the reason why your leaves were not picked up along with a contact number.

Under some conditions, such as in the College Hill District, we will close streets to parking to allow efficient pickup and will mark those streets with “NO PARKING” signs. We will coordinate closures with Police, Fire, EMS and WKU and advertise restricted parking dates 72 hours in advance via the internet and local media. When parked vehicles interfere with leaf pick, we will avoid towing those parked vehicles whenever possible and will be forced to leave inaccessible leaves in place, but will tow vehicles if we cannot access leaves that we cannot leave in place (e.g. in and around drainage structures).

Leaf pickup procedures will be conducted from the rights-of-ways of city streets only. We do not conduct leaf pickup from streets within private mobile home parks, along private drives, from within private property or private subdivisions (e.g. Covington Woods, River Green, Olde Stone). We do not remove leaves from businesses or from behind residences.

Should there be a measurable snowfall during leaf pickup schedule that warrants snow removal from city streets, leaf pickup will be discontinued and the trucks and personnel will perform snow removal procedures. Once weather permits and the streets are clear of snow, crews will continue with leaf pickup in the zone per the leaf pickup schedule. Zones not picked up during the snow event will be picked up as time permits by way of back tracking.

Important Dates for 2016 Leaf Season

October 17, 2016
Begin testing equipment and taking individual pickup requests from citizens.

October 31, 2016 ( (Tentative)
Leaf Season zone pickup begins starting in Zone 9. Individual request pickups discontinued on this date.

November 24 - 25, 2016
No leaf pickup due to Thanksgiving Holiday

December 23 - 26, 2016
No leaf pickup due to Christmas Holiday

January 2, 2017
No leaf pickup due to New Year's Holiday

January 3-31, 2017
Leaf pickup resumes on a request basis. Pickup will also be performed as needed to re-establish free drainage.

Schedule is subject to change at any time, there will be no leaf pickup on holidays, and we will not be working any overtime unless it is absolutely necessary.
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