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Accomplishments (2006-2011)

Human Resources Management

  • 56 recruitment announcements issued (some for multiple jobs, for example, “summer aquatics” was one announcement for over fifty positions).
  • Total of 1,011 applications received and processed (15.4% minorities, 32% females).
  • Total of 248 positions filled (17.7% minorities, 45.6% females).
  • 205 volunteer applications were received and processed.
  • Completed two recruitment, testing and selection processes for police officer and completed the recruitment and testing phases for a third.   The recruitment and testing phases for firefighter were also conducted.  Also completed the recruitment, testing, and selection process for communications dispatcher, and completed the recruitment and testing phase for a second process.
  • Expanded newspaper recruitment efforts in major southern markets (Atlanta, Memphis); began posting jobs directly on to the Kentucky Job Center website (Kentucky’s Focus Talent); began utilizing NACELink (National Association of Colleges & Employers), which reaches over 900 college career services offices.
  • The job task analysis for all fire promotional ranks was completed by the City’s testing company, to make sure that promotional exams appropriately test for the job knowledge, skills and abilities for each rank; new reading lists were provided to assist potential candidates to prepare for testing in September.
  • Annual promotional testing processes were completed for police and fire ranks below chief.
  • Internal audits were conducted regarding motor vehicle records, Fire EMT certifications, and full-time equivalent rates for part-time positions at/above .75 FTE.
  • Implemented new office skills testing for office associate candidates, including keyboarding, proof reading, formatting letters, and excel spreadsheet creation.
  • Updated and posted all HR personnel forms on the CLICK.  All forms are now fillable online.
  • Comprehensive revision of the personnel manual was completed and approved.
  • Calculated the minimum cost to comply with proposed federal and state-mandated minimum wage increases to $10.10/hour over three years ($250,000/year).
  • Assisted the Finance Department to save money for certified accountant testing by hosting a local test site and administering six tests rather than sending the employees to another city.
  • The mandatory biannual EEO-4 report was completed and submitted well before the deadline.
  • Completed annual update of the approved outside employment roster.
  • Distributed City annual report calendars to 160 retirees.

Employee Benefts & Wellness

  • Conducted 47 quarterly departmental meetings to explain employee benefits, to help employees be better consumers of their medical plan, and respond to questions.
  • Coordinated annual employee health and benefits fair attended by 198 employees and spouses and 29 vendors; coordinated Humana specialty insurance meetings with employees.
  • Conducted orientation and benefits enrollment for 33 new employees.
  • Completed Open Enrollment for benefits; conducted 21 department/group meetings; updated all records in the benefits software and with the claims administrators before the January 1 effective date; audited administrators’ reports/records with City records; advanced payments for the health reimbursement and flexible spending accounts; distributed SBC to all employees.
  • Offered four topics during Spring Wellness Lunch & Learns (Managing Your Money; Why We Do the Things We Do; Physical Activity; Control What You Can); 61 total attendance.
  • Conducted dependent audit for all employees covering a dependent on the City’s medical, dental, and/or vision plan.
  • Completed 2014 firefighter blood work, pulmonary testing and physicals.
  • Coordinated with Humana to implement IRS change regarding health flexible spending accounts, to allow participants to carry over up to $500 in unused funds from 2013 to 2014.
  • Worked with IT staff to get encrypted email to comply with HIPAA guidelines.
  • The 401(k) plan was amended to allow for a Roth option.
  • Conducted spring and fall walking challenges (69 participants).
  • Health Care Committee scheduled to meet each month.  Committee is reviewing wellness options and work site clinics.
  • Scheduled quarterly on-on-one meetings with ICMA and KY Deferred Comp. representatives.
  • Created and sent 4 Benefits newsletters to all benefit eligible employees home address.
  • Purchased treadmill for City Hall 3rd floor fitness room to replace underutilized exercise bike.
  • Communicated and keyed 7/1/14 dental rate change due to increase in Humana administrative fee.
  • Met with Humana and Sherrill Morgan representatives to review periodic claims data and discussed cost-control options.

Safety & Risk Management

  • Reviewed and/or investigated a total of 88 auto, property, general liability, and injury claims.
  • Performed a thorough inspection of 22 City facilities and 25 park facilities and golf courses.
  • Participated with and/or coordinated 19 safety committee meetings with four different departments.
  • The City was recertified as a “Drug-Free Workplace” through the Department of Workers’ Claims; the City received a 5% workers’ compensation premium savings of approximately $22,000.  The annual premium savings funds approximately 75% of all funding needed to perform pre-employment, random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing.
  • 364 pre-employment, random, and DOT drug/alcohol test results were reported.
  • Due to continuing success with the workers’ compensation program, rates were analyzed and lower rates prepared for the FY2015 budget that reduced amounts charged to departmental budgets by an average of 8.3%.
  • Conducted review of workers’ compensation and general liability claims analysis to use in future discussions with insurer regarding the City taking on more risk in insuring future losses.
  • Performed a comprehensive compliance review with the compliance team member for the Golf, Public Works Operations, and Fleet divisions, identifying areas within each division where workplace health and safety could be improved.
  • Researched and purchased equipment for bucket truck self-rescue; used the new equipment to practice self-rescue techniques with affected employees.
  • Staff recovered over $37,000 in City property losses through outside insurance agencies, City insurer, and recovery from individuals through personal payments or court-ordered restitution.
  • Updated Lockout/Tagout written procedures and purchased/assembled new wall-mount kits for all fire stations and several park maintenance facilities.
  • Completed long-term radon testing at four Fire Department facilities and made recommendations for mitigation.
  • Completed the evaluation of driver event recorder/fleet tracking technology and performed a pilot study that included 17 City vehicles in three departments.  Following the completion of the pilot program, long-term deployment of the driver event recorders in all probationary police officer vehicles and two cadet vehicles was initiated.
  • Completed the review and hands-on trial of two new quantitative fit testing devices. 
  • Performed respirator fit testing with all sworn police officers and golf spray technicians (113 employees).  These tests would cost in excess of $4,000 if performed by a private contractor.
  • Finalized new policy regarding the use of Ladders, Scaffolding and Aerial Lifts; Fall Protection; and Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control for inclusion into the Risk Management Manual.  Made several other revisions/additions and submitted to the Board of Commissioners for review and approval in January 2014.
  • Coordinated annual aerial lift and crane inspections; obtained quotes for hoist/crane repairs for various facilities.
  • Coordinated staff review of the condition of the Hobson House cottage, cost of repairs and feasibility of renting the building, and provided recommendation to city manager.
  • Revised pre-trip inspection forms for City personnel to use when driving Community Action’s busses.
  • Sent FEMA final closure notice for projects relating to the May 2010 declared disaster; risk manager attended FEMA disaster response training required for applicant agents.
  • Saved $7,000/year by cancelling separate liquor liability insurance, after reviewing and documenting that KLCIS had recently changed its interpretation of general liability policy coverage.
  • Using CDC’s Hepatitis B titer recommendations, communicated information to all affected public safety employees and offered the opportunity to get a titer (41 followed through).
  • Staff prepared the request for proposals for Employee Medical Services, reviewed and evaluated the proposals, and after approval of the new vendor, developed a comprehensive list of items needing to be performed by the vendor as required by OSHA and/or stipulated in the City’s Risk Management Manual and provide list of questions needing answered so to make the transition from CorpCare to OHP as smooth as possible; developed a manual for OHP and City staff to reference when performing and reporting required occupational medicine services.
  • Spearheaded the purchase of an aerial lift for use mainly within the Parks Maintenance Division for performing elevated work.  The lift will provide a more safe way of performing work currently performed with ladders or rented equipment.  The return on investment will be experienced within a period of three years and will save the City approximately $10,000/year in rental fees.
  • Researched possible hearing hazards of using headset equipment for long periods of time.  Study was performed for BGPD dispatch center.
  • Coordinated the attendance of a NFPA 70E electrical safety course by those City staff involved in electrical inspections and/or perform electrical work.  Determined City PPE needs, researched and ordered needed protective gear and uniforms.
  • Met with contractors and coordinated the installation of a fixed ladder at the F.O. Moxley Center, and coordinated and assisted with the redesign and of the Central Fire Station hose drying loft in order to comply with OSHA fall protection requirements.
  • Performed an appraisal of contents at all BGFD locations, and updated the City’s property schedule to reflect changes in value and insure adequate coverage.
  • Finalized a comprehensive City Emergency Action Handbook to be used by office employees.
  • Began utilizing a new MSDS online tracking system and updating data.
  • Conducted a New Employee Safety Orientation presentation at the annual KMESHA Conference.
  • Provided in-depth assistance to safety managers from Somerset and Glasgow.

Risk Loss Data by Fiscal Year

  • The preventable injury rate for FY2014, 3.1 injuries per 100 employees, decreased over the prior five-year average (4.4). 
  • The City recorded zero loss-time injuries between April of 2013 and February of 2014.
  • The workers’ compensation insurance ‘experience modifier factor’ is used to calculate the final insurance premium.  A modification factor of 1.00 would equate to no adjustment (up or down) in the final premium.  The City’s modifier decreased from .59 to .56.  Over the past ten years, the modifier has ranged from .83 (FY2009) to .54 (FY2013).  The low modifier provided an estimated premium savings of $175,210 in FY2014 when compared to a premium based on a 1.00 experience modification factor.  According to the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Service, the City’s worker’s compensation experience modifier is the lowest of the 376 cities and entities insured by KLCIS.
  • The selection of a $50,000 deductible in the general liability coverage netted the City thus far a premium savings of approximately $55,000.

Employee Training & Development

  • 375 employees attended a total of 76 employee and supervisor development WKU-instructed classes coordinated through Human Resources
  • Seven employees graduated from the year-long supervisor certification program offered through the South Central Kentucky/WKU Consortium; four employees graduated from the group leader certification program; at the end of the fiscal year eight employees were participating in the supervisor certification program, and two employees had two classes to make up for group leader certification.
  • The Team Bowling Green supervisor development program graduated its second consecutive class after a four-year hiatus.  Twenty employees were in the tenth graduating class.  They attended eight supervisor training classes through the program.  The class also participated in a United Way Day of Caring project.
  • Risk Manager performed 56 safety related training classes resulting in 591 employee training hours, and performed eight driver related training courses resulting in 84 employee training hours.
  • Contracted for training for Hearing Conservation, “Save a Back”, Smith Driver “Training the Trainer”, Flagger Certification, and NFPA Low Voltage Electrical training, totaling 622 employee training hours
  • 3,438 separate employee assignments were completed via the City’s on-line training, primarily geared to safety, but which also included the ethics policy.
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