Employee Vision Statement

Employees of the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky are dedicated to the enhancement and prosperity of this City.

Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to over 50,000 citizens, men and women, children and senior adults -- families. Our community is part of a fast paced, ever changing world. City government is an integral part of this dynamic, forward looking community, and City employees accept the challenge to help Bowling Green and the surrounding area achieve excellence. Our collective values serve as a foundation for our vision of Bowling Green's future. Safe neighborhoods, good schools, job and leisure opportunities, affordable housing and high quality health and human services are an essential part of our envisioned future.


We envision a City government operation that recognizes people are central to all policy decisions. We value the trust bestowed on us by the citizens and all our actions must reflect care and integrity as we manage public resources. We treasure clean, safe, environmentally sound neighborhoods, rich with opportunity for all residents to work, play, learn and enjoy life.

Our vision for Bowling Green recognizes we are an economic and cultural center for many south central Kentucky counties and that our community is viewed as a shining star and leader throughout our Commonwealth. We accept that leadership role and will work for orderly growth consistent with our needs and capacity to manage.

We envision a Bowling Green City Government that by its actions demonstrates a deep appreciation for the community's past, responds to current needs and plans for our collective future in the 21st century.


To provide leadership in promoting the safety and well-being of Bowling Green residents by delivering quality services in a cost effective and responsible manner.


People orientation is central to all decisions. Policies reflect overall City needs, priorities and available resources. Employees are our most important asset and must be supported and nurtured to effectively deliver quality services. Citizen satisfaction with municipal services is an important measure of our success as an organization. Collaboration and cooperation with all sectors of the community is necessary to improve community well-being. Service must be provided in a fiscally responsible and accountable manner.


Work to establish a sense of community throughout all of Bowling Green. Provide opportunities for citizens and groups to fully participate and share responsibility for City program development. Fully utilize human, financial and technical resources to deliver services.

- Written by Employee Comprehensive Vision Statement Committee, 1997
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