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OnBase Go Live

Jun 15, 2018

As most of you are aware, the City is migrating to a new document management system, which is called OnBase. This system will replace not only DM (aka eDocs/Hummingbird), but also Kofax scanning, and our current online forms processing system.

Everyone should now be signed up or have already attended training for the new product. If you attended training, you should’ve also received an email containing a training document and a link for installing the test version of the OnBase Unity Client. The training documentation is also available on the CLICK (Documents -> Information Technology -> OnBase).

Below is our current schedule for the OnBase rollout (go-live):

  • June 22nd (Friday) at 2:00 PM
    DM will be turned off and no longer accessible. If you need access to any of your DM documents over the weekend or early on Monday, please make sure to export those documents prior to the Friday cut-off time. You will need to work with them outside of the document management system.
  • June 22nd (Friday) – June 24th (Sunday)
    Over the weekend, all documents will be migrated from DM into OnBase and the conversion will be validated.
  • June 25th (Monday) at 7:00 AM
    The OnBase system will be online and available. Once available, you will need to follow instructions from the training document to migrate your documents into their proper document type category.

If you have any questions on the project prior to go-live, feel free to contact me, Donnita Weeks, or Brad Stinson.

After the OnBase system is live on June 25th (Monday), please direct any questions or issues to Helpdesk. The ticket will be assigned to the appropriate person and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

After the system is live and things have settled down a bit, we will begin offering hands-on training. These sessions will allow you to work with your own data and have time for Q/A. Watch for updates on this and how to sign up in the near future.

The new system will continue to evolve as we migrate paper forms and fillable PDFs into OnBase. Going forward the system will allow approval processes to occur electronically, allow the access of documents through mobile devices and the web, offer more scanning options and interfaces, and even handle the new physical records area that is housed in the Annex building.

Thank you!

Lynn Hartley

Health Reimbursement Arrangement - HRA

Jun 5, 2018

The Health Reimbursement Arrangement can be utilized to reimburse members, on the City’s medical plan, for any medical expense covered under the City’s medical plan EXCEPT for physician/doctor visits and co-pays (the only co-pay on the City’ plan is ER co-pay).

The HRA claim form is located on the CLICK. Meritain has the same claim form on their website but the guidelines on the second page are not the same as the City’s HRA plan.

When submitting the claim form, the member must attach the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for the amount requested on the claim form. Meritain does not need itemized billing or receipts from the provider, only the EOB.

Employees can check their HRA balance by logging on to .

Once your claim has been submitted please allow up to 3 weeks to receive payment.

Please share this with your spouse and/or dependent children that may submit a claim form.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Lori Gray

(270) 393-3644,

Following Finance - Fiscal Year-End June 2018

Jun 5, 2018

The Fiscal Year-End edition of the Following Finance newsletter is now available on the CLICK under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.


  • Kentucky State income tax withholding change to 5%
  • Fiscal Year-End processes for purchase orders & invoices
  • Mandatory POE Year-End Training info & dates (sign-up with doc #652694)
  • FYE split payroll dates
  • Substitute Vendor processing
  • FYE calendar for June - August

Please contact me with any questions.


Erin Ballou

Employee Newsletter (June 2018)

May 30, 2018

The employee newsletter is now available to view on the CLICK for the month of June:

Employee Newsletter (June 2018)

Following Finance - Spring 2018

Mar 29, 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of the Following Finance Newsletter is now available on the CLICK.

This issue contains information on Memorial Day payroll processing, upcoming training opportunities, and taxable uniform benefits. Contact Erin Ballou with any questions.

Adopted Pension Bill Summary Update (April 16)

Feb 27, 2018

REVISED:  The summary of Adopted Senate Bill 151 has been posted under Human Resources documents - Benefits Corner - Retirement, as the 2018 Adopted Pension Bill Summary.  The summary was prepared by the Kentucky Retirement System.  This is the bill that was approved by the legislature, vetoed by the governor, and then veto overridden.

Personnel Policy Manuals Updated

Jan 4, 2018

The personnel policy manual for full-time ("classified") employees has been updated and approved effective April 1.  The final version has been posted on the CLICK.  The draft showing edits and a summary of the significant changes, were posted on the CLICK at the beginning of the year, and are still on the CLICK for reference.  The adopted manual is in the "Manuals and Policies" section of the Human Resources & Risk Management  documents page; the other two documents are in the "Policy Changes" category.  The Exempt Personnel manual for part-time/seasonal employees has also been updated and is in the "Manuals and Policies" section.  Both will be sent to the printers and copies distributed to personnel.  In the meantime, please feel free to utilize the manuals on the CLICK.  Please contact Mike Grubbs at or 393-3633 if you have any questions about the changes.

Following Finance - Fall/Winter FY2018

Nov 15, 2017

The Fall/Winter edition of the Following Finance newsletter is now available on the CLICK under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.

Highlights this issue include:

  • PO approval email notifications
  • PureSafety training for P-cards
  • Payroll processing change for Christmas
  • Changes to AP & Payroll deadlines

Please contact me with any questions.


Erin Ballou

Pension Bill Summary & Comparison - Oct. 28, 2017

Oct 30, 2017

Two documents have been posted under Human Resources - Benefits Corner - Retirement, pertaining to the proposed Pension Bill issued October 28:

Pension Bill Draft Summary - Section by Section Summary:  section pertaining to CERS - pages 7-11

Pension Bill Comparison of Current & Proposed Plans/Benefits:  section pertaining to CERS - pages 1-5

Results of Fiscal Year 2017 Internal Services Employee Survey

Aug 9, 2017

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared your comments in the seventh annual Internal Services Employee Survey. Without your input, it is difficult to gage the City's overall customer service performance. There were approximately 671 surveys distributed (based on the number of FT & PT employees on staff as of July 31, 2017) and 155 responses collected, providing a 23.1% response rate. Unfortunately, this year's efforts fell short of last year's response rate which was still not quite as good as other past years. For those who chose not to participate this year, please consider providing feedback during next year's process. Your opinion really does matter and helps to make a difference!

The information gathered will be used in conjunction with our quarterly/annual performance measurement reporting as well as in our efforts to continually improve internal customer satisfaction. The results of the survey are available for your review and reference.

FY17 Internal Services Employee Survey Results

Additionally, a comparison of responses over the past few years has been updated to show those areas which continue to perform well and those areas still needing further improvement. Each category was given a grade point, and the cumulative scores for FY17 identify all but two areas as ranking "good" or better. Facilities Repair & Maint. still ranks as "fair," reflecting a slight decline from last year, and Wireless Services, which reflects one of the largest improvements over last year among all categories. This year's highest score stays with Purchasing-Surplus Services. Although most service areas show a modest decline compared to last year's score, these minor fluctuations are not uncommon based on the number of given responses compared to the potential number of responses for that year. One other change of note is the Multi Year Avg GPA for Cellular Phones has finally reached a level of "good" leaving just three categories still below 3.0. overall.

FY17 Cumulative GPA Scores

Your dedication and service to the City of Bowling Green, and especially to your fellow co-workers is very much appreciated. Thank you again for your time and consideration as we continue to find ways to better serve ALL of our customers!

Katie Schaller-Ward
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk