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Employee Newsletter (September)

Aug 28, 2015

The Employee Newsletter for the month of September is now available on the CLICK.

Employee Newsletter (September)


Aug 26, 2015

The employee health & wellness center is currently on track to open in early 2016. We need your help! The center does not have a name other than “health & wellness center”. We would like for you to share your creative and clever ideas for a clinic name. An example, Sun Products in Bowling Green titled their employee health center “Sunshine Healthcare Center”. Please submit your ideas by SEPTEMBER 11. Suggestions will be voted on by employees. Also we would like for you to submit any questions you have about the center. This will aid the committee in preparing for the center to open. The questions with answers will be placed in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to share with all employees. I am excited to hear your ideas and look forward to answering your questions. Thank you!! Lori A. Gray, PHR Benefits Manager, Human Resources City of Bowling Green 1001 College Street Bowling Green, KY 42101 Office: 270-393-3644 Fax: 270-901-3112 Website:

Congratulations & Best Wishes

Aug 25, 2015

to Bobbi Jo Sexton, City Central Coordinator, NCS, upon her September 1 retirement after 27 years with the City.


Aug 19, 2015

Updated information on Meritain's implementation: FSA LETTER FROM MERITAIN: If you have an FSA you received a letter from Meritain stating your account balance. This letter was auto generated by Meritain and was sent out before Meritain loaded information received from Humana. Meritain expected to receive the FSA records from Humana prior to the letter going out. Please disregard this letter. DEPENDENT CARE FSA: Dependent Care FSA claims began processing yesterday, 8/18/15. HEALTH FSA: Meritain is finishing the load of the FSA balances today. Cards should be created next Tuesday and received by participants by no later than Friday, August 28st. OTC PRESCRIPTIONS: There were issues early on regarding OTC prescriptions. This has been corrected and should be working properly. Please contact me if you have problems with OTC prescriptions NAME BRAND BIRTH CONTROL: Meritain's system was originally set up to only cover generic birth control at 100%. This is being corrected to include name brand. PHYSICIAN AUTHORIZATION (PA): Some prescriptions REQUIRE a PA. This was in the City's plan design prior to the change to Meritain. Prescriptions requiring a PA were processed with a one-time override for the first month with Meritain. Prescriptions needing a PA will require a new PA from this point forward. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: Meritain is still waiting on reports from Humana at this time. Their systems do not easily agree when trying to share data. Once the reports are received it will take 5 days to load the information in Meritain's system. I will send out more information as it comes available. HRA REIMBURSEMENTS: The reimbursements will start processing once Meritain has received the claims information from Humana (see above "Payment of Claims".) Thank you again for your patience as we transition. Contact me if you have any questions. Lori Gray Benefits Manager 270-393-3644

Results of Fiscal Year 2015 Internal Services Employee Survey

Aug 17, 2015

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared your comments in the fifth annual Internal Services Employee Survey. For those who chose not to participate this year, please consider providing feedback during next year's process. There were approximately 662 surveys distributed (based on the number of FT & PT employees on staff as of July 31, 2015) and 133 responses collected, providing a 20.1% response rate. Unfortunately, this year's efforts did not yield the best response rate as compared to past years. Without your input, it is difficult to gage the City's overall customer service performance.

Nevertheless, the information gathered will be used in conjunction with our quarterly/annual performance measurement reporting as well as in our efforts to continually improve internal customer satisfaction. The results of the survey are available for your review and reference. (Results)

Additionally, a comparison of responses over the past few years has been updated to show those areas which perform well and those areas still needing further improvement. Each category was given a grade point, and the cumulative scores for FY15 identify all but two of the areas as ranking "good" or better. Custodial/cleaning and repair/maintenance continue to rank low and reflect a considerable decline from the previous year, and ultimately receiving their lowest scores to date. This year's highest score goes to Video Production/Print Design Services, which also received the most notable improvement over the previous year's score. (Scores)

Your dedication and service to the City of Bowling Green, and especially to your fellow co-workers is very much appreciated. Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Katie Schaller-Ward
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
City of Bowling Green

PO Box 430
1001 College Street
Bowling Green, KY 42102-0430
270.393.3632 (office)
270.393.3698 (fax)
270.792.6571 (cell)