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Employee Newsletter (October 2016)

Sep 30, 2016

The employee newsletter is now available to view on the CLICK for the month of October:

Employee Newsletter (October 2016)

Best Wishes & Good Luck

Sep 28, 2016

Three City employees are retiring effective October 1:

Anita Davis, Housing Division - NCS, after 18 years with the City

Jeff Eversoll, Master Police Officer, after 13 years with the City

Roy Basham, Operations Division - Public Works, after 14 years with the City

Thank you for your service to the citizens of Bowling Green, and best wishes.

2017 Benefits Open Enrollment - October 12-26

Sep 14, 2016

2017 Benefits Open Enrollment The City’s 2017

Benefits Open Enrollment will be October 12-26. Elections made during this time will be effective January 1, 2017. This year’s open enrollment is a passive enrollment. If you do not want to make any changes to medical, dental, vision, or enroll in a flexible spending account, you do not need to complete the online enrollment. There will be at least one form every employee will need to submit (Premium Only Employee Election Form). Please note: flexible spending accounts require annual enrollment.

I will be delivering open enrollment booklets to employees during this quarter’s benefits meetings. I will be available for one-on-one meetings, by appointment, with employees in the upcoming weeks to discuss benefits. Please send an e-mail to or call (270) 393-3644 to schedule an appointment. I will be available evenings and weekends if needed. Spouses are welcome to attend one-on-one meetings.

Insurance premiums for dental and vision plans will remain the same for plan year 2017. There is an increase in medical premiums and a plan design change to prescription co-pays effective January 1, 2017.Employees wanting to make changes to their medical, dental, or vision coverage or enroll in flexible spending accounts will log on to the HR Portal at Plan and open enrollment documents and forms will be available on the HR Portal. After making any necessary changes, employees will print out a confirmation statement. BE CERTAIN YOUR CONFIRMATION STATEMENT INDICATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE: BENEFITS SUBMITTED WITH DATE AND TIME OF YOUR SUBMISSION. A copy of the confirmation must be sent to Human Resources along with the other required forms.

Annual Employee Health & Wellness Fair

Sep 14, 2016

The City of Bowling Green’s Annual Employee Health & Wellness Fair will be held on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 7:30 – 11:30 AM in the Parks & Recreation Sid Carr gymnasium. Employees and their dependents 18 years and older are encouraged to participate.

The Fair will include CareHere staff administering blood pressure checks and glucose testing to employees and spouse on the City’s health plan. CareHere will also administer flu vaccines, at no cost, to all City employees, and those spouses on the City’s Health Plan. Employees wishing to do blood work can schedule an appointment at the City Care Center at (access code:CBGK2).

There will be many vendors present to provide employees with information regarding benefits, health, and wellness. Many vendors have indicated they will provide door prizes. Breakfast will be provided.

Results of Fiscal Year 2016 Internal Services Employee Survey

Aug 4, 2016

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared your comments in the sixth annual Internal Services Employee Survey. Without your input, it is difficult to gage the City's overall customer service performance. There were approximately 662 surveys distributed (based on the number of FT & PT employees on staff as of July 31, 2016) and 184 responses collected, providing a 27.8% response rate. This year's efforts yielded a much better response rate than last year. Although, still not quite as good as other past years. For those who chose not to participate this year, please consider providing feedback during next year's process. Your opinion really does matter and helps to make a difference!

The information gathered will be used in conjunction with our quarterly/annual performance measurement reporting as well as in our efforts to continually improve internal customer satisfaction. The results of the survey are available for your review and reference. FY16 Internal Services Employee Survey Results

Additionally, a comparison of responses over the past few years has been updated to show those areas which continue to perform well and those areas still needing further improvement. Each category was given a grade point, and the cumulative scores for FY16 identify all but two areas as ranking "good" or better. Facilities Repair & Maint., although improved from last year, still ranks as "fair," as does Wireless Services which reflects the lowest score and largest decline of all categories. This year's highest score goes to Purchasing-Surplus Services, and the most notable improvement over the previous year's score goes to Custodial Cleaning Services. Cumulative GPA Scores

From your constructive feedback, improvements are already being researched and deployed to provide better access to and use of Wireless Services.

Your dedication and service to the City of Bowling Green, and especially to your fellow co-workers is very much appreciated. Thank you again for your time and consideration as we continue to find ways to better serve ALL of our customers!

Katie Schaller-Ward
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
City of Bowling Green
P.O. Box 430
1001 College Street
Bowling Green, KY 42102-0430
(270) 393-3632 office
(270) 393-3698 fax
(270) 792-6571 mobile

FY16 Internal Services Survey

Jul 1, 2016

Dear City Employee:

As part of the annual performance measurement reporting process for Fiscal Year 2016, the City will once again be reviewing several of its internal service areas.  These service areas include: Facilities Management, Fleet Maintenance, Human Resources, Communication Equipment Services, Information Technology Services, Legal Services, Procurement & Surplus, Risk Management, Financial Services, Public Information Services and Other Internal Services.

To aid in this process, every employee is being asked to complete a short survey.  The survey allows you to rate each internal service area and to provide feedback which will help identify any areas still needing improvement and/or the areas that continue to perform well.   Without your input, it is difficult to gage the City's overall internal customer service performance.

The survey will remain open through July 31, 2016.   Please click on the below link to access the survey electronically:

Or, you may also download a PDF of the survey if you would rather print out a paper copy to complete.  Simply forward the completed survey back to me through inter-office mail.  Your name is NOT required. 

Supervisors, you are asked to forward a copy of the survey to any employees that do not regularly have access to email.  You can direct them to the City Employee Home Page ( ) to access the survey link or provide them with a paper copy to complete and return to my attention.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration with completing the 6th annual Internal Services Employee Survey.  Your feedback is very helpful in order to make any necessary improvements.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Katie Schaller-Ward
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
City of Bowling Green
P.O. Box 430
1001 College Street
Bowling Green, KY  42102-0430
(270) 393-3632 office
(270) 393-3698 fax
(270) 792-6571 mobile

Following Finance Newsletter FYE Edition

Jun 8, 2016

The FYE edition of the Following Finance newsletter is now available on the CLICK under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.

This issue contains detailed information on fiscal year-end closing activities and deadlines. The FYE calendar has also been published and is available under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.

Important Year-End Reminders:

  • Last Day for FY16 POs and Change POs is Friday, June 24th
  • All POs must be reviewed and deleted if no additional invoices are expected; POs outstanding at 6/30 should only be for major projects and specific FY2016 items
  • Mandatory POE training is being offered on: 6/21, 6/22, 6/23, 6/29 and 7/6
  • Project Carryover Requests are due 6/30
  • Procurement cards can be used anytime through June, July and August


Erin Ballou

Following Finance - March 2016

Apr 1, 2016

The third edition of the Following Finance newsletter is now available on the CLICK under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.


  • AP Invoice Batch approval change
  • Payroll Review
  • Training dates for Fixed and Controlled Assets and TimeClock (use doc# 652694 to sign-up)
  • Fiscal Year-End preparations

Please contact me with any suggestions for future editions or any other feedback.


Erin Ballou

2015 FSA & HRA Deadline - March 31

Mar 1, 2016

The deadline to file claims for 2015 Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is Thursday, March 31. Claim forms and required documentation must be received by Meritain in order to be processed for reimbursement. Claim forms are located on the CLICK and in the Human Resources Department. Log on to to check your FSA and/or HRA balance. Medical FSA account balances, up to $500, will rollover from one year to the next as long as the employee has a 2016 medical FSA or has a minimum balance of at least $25. Any amount over $500 in the account after March 31 will be forfeited. Dependent Care accounts are a USE IT OR LOSE IT benefit. The HRA account will accumulate up to a five year contribution maximum. The maximums are $10,500 for family and $6,500 for single coverage.

Following Finance - Winter 2015

Dec 4, 2015

The second edition of the Following Finance newsletter is now available on the CLICK under Finance > AP/Accounting > Following Finance Newsletters.


  • Physical Inventory process summary and training dates
    • Inventories may begin 12/7/15 and must be completed by 1/22/16
  • Detail of year-end payroll information related to non-cash benefits and distribution of W-2s
  • 2016 per diem rates for travel previewed
  • December and January calendars with all available training and other important dates related to AP, Accounting, Payroll, Budget, etc.


Please contact me with any suggestions for future editions or any other feedback.


Erin Ballou