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Potholes on City Streets

The City proactively repairs potholes on a regular basis, but in order to make sure our streets are safe and repaired, we would like to solicit the public’s assistance.

If you notice a pothole on a City street, please contact our City Central Division at 270.393.3444 to report it, or visit the City’s Service Request Portal.

If you want information about City, State, or County roads, pleas visit the GIS section of the City’s Website to get a good idea of where the boundaries are.

Did you know that there is a new place in Bowling Green to run and walk? With a 1.6 mile gravel outer loop and a .7 mile paved inner loop, ‘The Loops at Lovers Lane’ weave around and through the Lovers Lane Soccer Complex at 385 Lovers Lane. This new trail is designed to give runners and walkers alike a great place to exercise and to connect to the City’s Greenways.

The City of Bowling Green will hold a Ribbon Cutting and 5k Race for the new Loops on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 at 2 p.m., with all proceeds benefiting the local Bowling Green Special Olympics Program. We are inviting people to come out and walk or run to support this great cause.

Pre-registration is $25; or $30 the day of the event and all entries will receive a goody bag and t-shirt. Winners will be announced for overall male and female, senior male and female and City staff male and female. Refreshments will be provided before and after the race and we will run rain or shine!

We hope to see Bowling Green residents come out to support the Special Olympics and to use this great new trail.

Registration can be done online at https://playbgpr.bgky.org or by visiting 225 East Third Avenue. For more information, please contact Kim Lancaster at 270-393-3642 or kim.lancaster@bgky.org.

Have you ever wondered what the rules are at Fairview Cemetery? Maybe you haven’t unless you have loved ones buried there or you have purchased burial plots for you or your family members. Some of the more common rules are often broken and we want to explain why we have them in place.

One of the main rules that can be broken is the planting of unapproved landscaping. Often times, people come into the cemetery on a weekend and plant items for their loved ones. But we ask that before you plant, please check with the staff to make sure what you have planned is approved landscaping. We have over 30,000 burial plots on 109 acres that we maintain on a weekly basis. This includes mowing, weed eating, weed killing and general maintenance.

Another rule at Fairview Cemetery is to keep all items off the ground during mowing season. We do not want the mowers and weed eaters to accidentally destroy something that might be of sentimental value to the family member that placed it there. If you want to place something at the head of the grave, please stop by the office and we will be happy to assist you with what is allowed. Many families and friends also place beautiful artificial flower arrangements at their loved ones grave. Unfortunately, many times these arrangements come up missing. There are many reasons for this. The wind might blow them off during a storm or they weren’t placed tightly enough on the headstone or in the vases. But unfortunately, the main reason for these arrangements to disappear is theft so we ask that you not place anything sentimental or valuable at a grave.

During the second or third week of March every year we have our annual Spring Cleanup. We advertise this event for several weeks before in the newspaper, through PSA’s, at www.bgky.org, on social media, and we post signs in all three of our cemeteries which include: Fairview Cemetery #1 & #2, Mount Moriah Cemetery, and Pioneer Cemetery. The Maintenance Supervisor goes through all cemeteries and picks up old and discolored arrangements, broken items and all past holiday decorations.

If you have any questions regarding our Spring Cleanup please call our office at 270-393-3018, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Spring Break Camp

Spring Break is designed to give kids a break from school and to help them try new and exciting experiences while growing mentally, physically and socially. Let your child enjoy fun, games, arts & crafts, music, dance, and even a field trip at the F.O. Moxley Community Center Spring Break Camp.

The F.O. Moxley Community Center is located at 225 East Third Avenue and facilities include a game room with billiard tables and video games, a TV room with board games, two wallybally/racquetball courts and two high school regulation basketball courts.

Camp Dates are April 3 – 7 and children ages 5 to 13 are welcome (all 5 year olds must have attended kindergarten).  Registration for camp is open March 1 through March 31, 2017.  More information and registration forms are posted online at www2.bgky.org/bgpr/. Camp will be held daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at F.O. Moxley Center.

Space is limited for camp, and pre-registration is required. The regular weekly fee is $40 and payment is required at the time of registration. Lunch is not provided during Spring Break Camp.

If you are interested in being a Spring Break or Summer Camp Counselor for the City of Bowling Green, you can visit http://www.bgky.org/hr/jobs for more information.

For more information about Spring Break Camp, Summer Camp, or any other Parks and Recreation programs, please call 270-393-3642.


Spring is coming (with some saying it’s already here), which means the start of Youth Tee Ball and Coach Pitch leagues through Parks and Recreation.

The following ages and fees apply to each league:

  • Tee Ball: ages 4-6 ($45)
  • Boys Coach Pitch: ages 6-8 ($50)
  • Girls Coach Pitch: ages 6-9 ($50)

Registration for all the leagues will be held at the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation office at 225 East 3rd Avenue on:

  • Wednesday, March 1 / 3-6 pm
  • Thursday, March 2 / 3-6 pm
  • Saturday, March 4 / 10 am – 12 pm

Early Registration can be turned in prior to these dates. All games are played at Lampkin Park and players ages are based as of May 1, 2017. Birth certificates are required at registration.




The first session of the 2nd annual Academy for New Americans launches this Thursday, February 23.  This year’s class features 27 participants from 13 different countries: Argentina, Burkina-Faso, Burma, Burundi, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Rwanda, and Ukraine.  And get this – combined they speak 18 different languages!

This year’s participants are geared up for an exceptional time!  The Academy for New Americans combines much of the same structure of a conventional Citizen’s Academy which takes an inside look at City Government services, but adds a leadership and civic engagement component.  The City has also partnered with Warren Co. Government to feature a session solely devoted to public safety and the courts.

The success of the City’s Academy for New American has created a ripple effect statewide.  At the end of June, 2016 the City of Bowling Green entered into an agreement with Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government through its Department of Economic Development to use Bowling Green’s Academy for New Americans Curriculum.

But the greatest successes are seen right here in our own community!  Take for instance 2016 Academy graduate Ghung Om, who left his native country of Burma at 17 years of age with only two pairs of pants and two shirts. Leaving his Father, Mother and twelve younger siblings behind, he arrived in Buffalo, NY June 15, 2011 through the Refugee Resettlement Program.   He visited Bowling Green, KY in 2014 and having had difficulty securing employment in Buffalo, was enticed to stay in the City after a friend promised he could find a job immediately.  He applied and landed a job the next day in Portland, TN working at a distribution center for Kroger, Inc.  After working a year and commuting to Portland, TN, Ghung Om sought assistance from the Refugee Employment Program at Community Action of Southern Kentucky and was successful at securing a full-time job at Magna International in Bowling Green, KY.

Ghung Om learned about the launch of the City-sponsored Academy for New Americans through the City’s International Communities Advisory Council and was encouraged to apply.  Ghung Om became one of seventeen participants who made up the inaugural class of the Academy for New Americans, which met monthly from February 2016 until June 2016.

Since his graduation from the Academy, Ghung Om has been able to advance within his company, he now works as a welder making $17.61 an hour.  He has invested back into the community, in the last year he has purchased a vehicle and in November 2016 received the keys to his first home in Bowling Green.

On January 5, 2017 Ghung Om took the ultimately step of allegiance, he became a newly naturalized US Citizen.  He continues to be engaged and connected to the City’s International Communities Liaison office through Academy Alumni reunions and other City services.  He dreams of one day being a business owner and providing job opportunities for others.  When asked what his plans for the future look like, he says he wants to make Bowling Green, KY his forever home.

Ghung Om is one of many success stories we can share about our Academy for New Americans!  We are thrilled of what’s in store for our 2017 class.  For more information about the Academy for New Americans watch our Spotlight on Bowling Green video here or visit our website at http://www.bgky.org/new-americans

Most people would agree that training can save lives. Officers in the Bowling Green Police Department are continually training, adapting and learning new skills. In 2017, technology has grown to allow training to be high-speed and realistic, using real-to-life scenarios.

In December of 2016 the Bowling Green Police Department purchased and installed a system utilizing the latest computer technology and interactive software called The Training Lab.  Officers stand in front of a theatre-style simulator screen and participate in scenarios in which their actions dictate the outcome.  Officers learn and utilize critical thinking and verbalization skills to obtain the best possible result.

Along with the officer using knowledge and verbal skills, the system allows for interactions with various tools such as O/C Spray (pepper spray), a baton, Taser, pepper ball, a handgun and a long gun all through laser technology.  Our training staff can choose from over 800 scenarios ranging from traffic stops to mentally ill, from domestic situations to life or death decisions.  Officers must make the appropriate choice of what tool to use and how to use it for each of the scenarios that they encounter.

The Bowling Green Police Department values training which helps officers to hone their skills and communication.  When not in use for officer training, the BGPD hopes to utilize the system through educational programs, such as the Citizens Police Academy.  We see great value in helping the public experience the same situations officers experience on a daily basis.



You can now reserve one of our many park shelters online! 

Visit our online reservation page here.

You can also watch our Update BG to learn more.


Have you ever wanted more information about your property or any other property located in the Bowing Green/Warren County area?  Are you interested in buying or renting a new home?

The City of Bowling Green GIS online mapping application may be just what you need to obtain valuable information. To increase the usability of the online mapping services that the City offers, we offer a streamlined application at http://www.bgky.org/gis/.

There are many things that the average person may want to use this service for. The GIS application can be used to determine who owns a property, what police or fire district you are in, where to vote, what the acreage is on a property or what school district you are in.

In order to access information on a certain address you will click on the GIS Application link, click search, and enter the address. Please note that all street names are abbreviated and you will not use a period (i.e. St, Dr, Ave). For example, if you are looking up City Hall you would type the address as follow: 1001 College St – the system will not recognize “St. or Street.” Doing this will show you a view of the property and also allow you to access general property information.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, you can email us at gis@bgky.org with a detailed account of your problem.

Over 50 Citizens Academy

There are still spots left in the Over 50 Citizens Academy! Apply by 2/16/17 to get a behind the scenes look at our local government.

The Academy will begin Thursday, March 2 and conclude with a graduation lunch on Wednesday, March 8. Each day begins at 9:00 and concludes by 4:00 p.m., with lunch and snacks provided. The Academy does not meet over the weekend.

Apply online here: http://www.bgky.org/ncs/over-fifty-citizens-academy

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