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Annual Report Calendar

Do you ever wonder where your tax dollars are going or what your local government has done lately? Are you ever curious about the City’s upcoming budget, road projects, public safety goals or Parks and Recreation Facilities? If so, the 2017/2018 Annual Report and Calendar is just for you. If you are also someone who wants to have a yearly calendar but you don’t want to buy one, then our calendar is REALLY for you!

Each year, around November, the City releases a 12-month calendar that features pictures of Bowling Green with a theme. This year we will highlight the rivers, blue holes and stormwater in Bowling Green. Along with beautiful photography comes information on our budget, past projects, future ideas and general information of what government has done for you over the past year.

Approximately 4,500 copies of this calendar are produced each year and they can be picked up at a variety of local businesses including Cambridge Market, Greenwood Mall, Warren County Library, all US Bank locations, the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and of course, City Hall and all other public city buildings. We will also have plenty of copies available at our Christmas Open House this year which will take place on Friday, December 15, from 2 to 4 p.m. at 1001 College Street.

Want to make sure that you don’t miss out on a calendar this year? Feel free to contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or this blog to provide your contact information. We will take down your name and/or address and make sure that you receive your.

Enjoy this sneak-peek at some of the pictures we will feature this year! We’re always open to future ideas and themes so feel free to contact us with feedback and ideas or to contribute photos!

Veterans Day Essay Winner

To help celebrate Veterans Day, 4th and 5th graders from Bowling Green and Warren County schools were asked the question, “Why is it important for American’s to support Veterans?” Many entries were received, but our winner was:

Gray Walden
5th Grade
Mrs. Lehman (teacher)
WR McNeill (school)

Gray received recognition at our flag raising ceremony after the 2017 Veterans Day Parade and was awarded $100 from the American Legion and VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary. Please read Gray’s essay below.

Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Reserves… Six words that give people a reason to support, honor and remember Veteran’s. Boys and girls who love their county join a branch of service at a young age. Several of these boy and girls, turn into men and women while serving the land they love. Some give their entire life serving. We should support our Veterans because of the sacrifice they have made. Veterans have unselfishly fought for our freedoms we have today. As the saying goes, “Freedom is not free.”

This is why when we see a Veteran, we should always stop, shake their hand and say “thank you” or say, “I appreciate your service.” This is a way to support Veteran’s, letting them know you care about what they did. Not just on Veteran’s Day but every day.

Another way to support a Veteran is to always stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, with your hand over your heart. When you are at an event where the Star Spangled Banner is sung, you should stand and place your hand over your hear too. Both of these ways will show support for Veterans.

Another way to show support celebrating Veteran’s with friends and family. At my church home, the Sunday before Veteran’s Day, we have a Veteran’s Day service. A lady will stand before the congregation and read the names of family members from our church who have served and who are still serving. At the end of reading each name, their branch of service and how long they were in service, she will bring out the “Bell of Honors.” She will ring the bell the same amount of times as the names she read. I love hearing the sound of this bell. This bell is for the ones who sacrificed their life. The sound echoes in my church. It is a powerful sound, it reminds me how strong these Veterans are. After that, our preacher will ask if there are any Veterans in our congregation. If they are he wants them to stand and be recognized. Everyone claps so loud and proud for these men and women. Some of the men and women who stand up are very emotional.

Last but not least, in your community, great ways to support Veterans would be to donate to programs that have been made to support Veterans. Help keep the programs going. People should try to learn about all the programs that are offered to Veterans. As a child, ways to support Veterans would be to deliver meals to Veterans who are shut in. Visit with Veterans you know, sit down and listen to stories they have to tell about being in the service. Give them your time since they gave you theirs by keeping you safe. Maybe even help them with chores around their house too. There are so many ways to support Veterans. I think the best way and number one way to support a Veteran is to simply say “Thank You!”

New Neighbor Series

The City of Bowling Green International Communities Liaison serves to coordinate the City’s role in communicating and working effectively with the diverse international communities represented in Bowling Green, and to serve as an advocate for Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons who may seek City services.

One of the ways that these goals are accomplished, is through the City’s New Neighbor Series which is an educational session for City Staff and Community members to learn about the history, cultural traditions, foods, dances and more from specific cultural groups represented in the city of Bowling Green. The New Neighbor Series is held once per year.

In year’s past there have been new neighbor series on Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

This year’s program will take place on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 from 3 to 4 p.m. at Neighborhood and Community Services at 707 East Main Avenue. This program will help you gain a better understanding of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the impact of Bosnians in Bowling Green today and will allow you to sample traditional Bosnian food and much more.

This event is free and open to the public. There will be a special presentation by Dr. Jerry Daday, Executive Director of Center of Innovative Teaching and Learning. For more information on this or any of our other international programs please contact Leyda Becker at Leyda.becker@bgky.org or 270-393-3766.

Online Bill Payment

Did you know that the City of Bowling Green Finance Department is now accepting online payments for various bills? The Treasury division is responsible for the collection and reconciliation of all City revenues. Collection types include but are not limited to: Real and Personal property taxes, Insurance Premium taxes, Transient Room taxes, code violations, alarm permits, and all Occupational License division generated revenues.

The division also reconciles all decentralized revenue collection points from all over the City prior to general ledger approval. Real and Personal Property taxes and Occupational License Fees are the City’s main revenue sources.

Traditionally, the above mentioned bills have been hand delivered or mailed to the City of Bowling Green City Hall Annex for payment. Today it’s as easy as the click of a button to take care of any necessary payments.


Residents can now visit www.bgky.org to pay through the new eMiscellaneuous billing webpage. There is a $2.00 transaction fee to use this service. Those wishing to pay online can click on “online payments portal” and create a new account. The only information needed to get started is the invoice number, the invoice date, and the mailing address.

The direct link to the website is https://esuites.bgky.org/websites.FM.MiscBilling/LoginScreen.aspx. Traditional payments can still be mailed in to the City of Bowling Green, PO Box 1410, Bowling Green, KY 42102 or by placing them outside the City Hall Annex in the drop box at 1017 College Street.

Veterans Day Parade

November 4th will mark the 2017 Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown Bowling Green hosted by the Bowling Green-Warren County Military Liaison Board. The parade is expected to feature more than 300 units honoring our past, present and future troops and their families. Veterans Day is a Federal holiday that recognizes those who have served in our armed forces and who have fought for our freedoms.

The parade will begin at 10 a.m. at 6th Street and College Street near Circus Square Park and will wind its way through the streets of downtown Bowling Green by traveling up College Street towards WKU, then turning left onto 10th Avenue and then left on to State Street. The parade will end at 6th Street and State Street near Circus Square Park. will include refreshments.

Immediately following the parade there will be a Flag-raising ceremony and remarks at the Warren County Courthouse Veterans Memorial Courtyard, 429 E. 10th Avenue. In addition, the Veterans Parade student essay winner will be awarded $100 from the American Legion and VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary. Student essays were solicited from 4th & 5th grade classes from the Bowling Green and Warren County Schools.

All events are entirely free and open to the public. For more information about the parade or other additional events, contact parade coordinator Anna Jones at (270) 393-3627 or email: anna.jones@bgky.org.

Come out and join us for this fun and patriotic day.


Have you been holding on to old paint, chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, oils, antifreeze or other products that cannot be disposed of easily? If so, the City of Bowling Green and Warren County have partnered to provide one day only to dispose of these items for you.

The Annual Household Hazardous Waste and E-scrap Collection Day will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Greenwood High School (Scottsville Road – rear parking lot).  Warren County residents can bring items such as old paint, chemicals, household appliances and electronics to dispose of in a safe and legal manner.


This event is FREE and open to all Warren County residents.

While most home computers and appliances are acceptable (most anything with a circuit board or a cord), Freon devices, yard equipment, radioactive materials and large appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, etc. are not acceptable. Single containers larger than 5 gallons will require prior inspections and approval, and tires will not be accepted.

In addition, shredding will be available on site to dispose of and shred papers, cds/dvds, magazines, phone books, folders, etc.

For more information, a full list of acceptable and unacceptable items along with a map of the disposal location, please visit http://www.warrencountyky.gov/household-hazardous-waste-day.


On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, the ghosts and the goblins will come out in the City of Bowling Green for candy, costumes and parties. Whether you have kids who are excited about going out to their neighbor’s house for candy or you are planning on passing out treats to others, remember that the recommended day for trick-or-treating for the City will be on Tuesday, the 31st between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Even if you forget to buy candy and your goal is to turn off all of your lights and lay low during the trick-or-treating process, being aware of the recommended day and times will help you succeed in your hiding game.

The ultimate goal on this spooky and candy-filled holiday is safety and fun! Help make sure that your child is in a safe costume with good vision, that jack-o-lanterns or other decorations with candles in them are far enough away from trick-or-treaters that they do not pose a fire threat, and make sure that any prop your child carries is smooth and flexible to avoid injury. Above all, teach your little ones basic safety for this Halloween and everyday including not talking to strangers, looking both ways before crossing the street and never getting in a car with someone they don’t know.

On top of the safety tips, always remember that making a nice Halloween dinner before trick-or-treating will help curb the sugar and candy appetite later in the evening and will give you more of a chance to look over their haul.

And finally, don’t forget to sneak a few of your favorite treats out of your kid’s pumpkin when they aren’t looking – you’re doing them a favor as ALL of that candy wouldn’t really be good for them.

Happy Halloween!

Coats for Kids

As the winter weather moves into our community, many children in the area will be in need of warm winter coats. This year like many others, you can help to keep our kids warm by donating a new or gently used coat to Coats for Kids.

The Bowling Green Police Department, The Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club and many others have joined together again this year to collect coats for kids in The Bowling Green and Warren County area.


This year’s Coats for Kids event will take place from October 1st – December 1st. Gently used coats can be donated at the Bowling Green Police Department and many other locations.

You can help families in need by donating a coat that can last throughout the winter. All sizes and brands are accepted. All used coats are cleaned as they are donated. Coats are distributed to all local schools and non-profit organizations throughout the campaign. These donated coats are vital to so many young people in our area.

When you arrive at 911 Kentucky Street, you will see a black and white cruiser with its blue lights on. Donated coats can be placed inside the cruiser.

For a complete list of drop off locations as well as distribution days and general information, please visit www.bgky.org or www.bgjwc.com.

Each November, the City of Bowling Green celebrates Veteran’s Day with a fun-filled parade that winds its way through the downtown streets of our great City.

We are still accepting applications for our 17th annual parade taking place on Saturday, November 4th starting at 10 a.m.

Each group or individual who would like to participate in the Veteran’s Day Parade will need to complete an entry form by Friday, October 20th, 2017. The form can be found online at www.bgky.org or by calling 270-393-3603.

All participants will need to make plans to arrive for the line-up at 8:30 a.m. in front of the Kummer/Little Gym located at 333 College Street. Applicants will need to list things such as; how many feet they requite for their entry, what kind of vehicle they will use, and the number of people involved with each entry.

The City of Bowling Green encourages all of our residents to get involved in this great yearly event that recognizes the Veterans of our community.

In addition to the parade, there will be a meet and greet for all veterans at the Kummer/Little Gym from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m.

If you are making plans to attend the parade as a spectator, make sure to remember to get there early and enjoy the route which starts near Circus Square and travels up College Street turning left onto 10th Avenue and then left onto State Street.

Leaf Season


Leaf season is almost here!

As the cold weather moves in and the leaves continue to change color and fall, the City’s Leaf Pickup Season kicks off. Starting on October 16th, residents can call 393-3333 to request a pick-up at their residence. Requested pick-ups will take place through November 3rd and are not guaranteed.

Scheduled zone pick-up will tentatively begin on October 30th and will run through January 2nd, 2018. Dates may change depending on weather, equipment breakdown, or the rate of leaf fall in certain zones. Each zone will be picked up at least twice during this three month period. Please remember that Scott Waste will also pick up bagged leaves if you miss your City date or if you would simply rather bag them.

Please remember that no pick-up will occur on major holidays as our crews will be home with their families during that time.

Zone pick-up dates, zone descriptions, maps and leaf pickup guidelines are already published on the city’s web site at http://www.bgky.org/publicworks/leaf-pickup and will be published in the Daily News, in SOKY Happenings, the City’s Facebook Page, Twitter and on Government Access Channel 4. Pickup dates will also be available on a weekly basis via the Leaf Hotline (270-393-3333). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your zone.

WRONG                                              RIGHT

Finally and MOST importantly, please remember these simple rules when raking leaves to your curb. Although leaves may damage your grass, that is where they belong. Leaves that are raked into the street or onto a sidewalk may cause stormwater, traffic and/or pedestrian issues, and the City reserves the right not to pick these leaves up.  DO NOT put debris, pumpkins, rocks, tires, trash or other non-foliage items in your leaf pile.  The trucks that pick up these leaves are meant for just that – leaves.  Other items can damage this equipment causing delays in zone pick-up. Always try and rake your leaves to the curb a few days early just in case there are changes to the schedule.

If your leaves are INTENTIONALLY not picked up, you may not have followed one of the above rules. If this is the case, an orange door hanger will be placed on your door explaining the reason why your leaves were not picked up along with a contact number.

May your leaf gathering go smoothly and here’s to hoping that they fall all at once and you don’t have to spend too many beautiful fall weekends outdoors with a rake!

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