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Annual Overlay Project


Have you ever wondered how it is determined which roads are paved in the City of Bowling Green? The City maintains approximately 278 miles of streets; a length which grows annually with the build-out of new subdivisions. The total number of lane miles to be paved will vary from year to year and depends largely on the cost of asphalt as well as existing conditions such as the need to do more intensive repairs beyond a typical overlay in some locations.


Street conditions are surveyed annually by an outside consultant using a vehicle with high-tech equipment including lasers, cameras, computers and other measuring devices. The data which is collected is maintained in a pavement Management Application (PMA). The PMA performs an analysis recommending the most economically efficient allocation of available funds to sustain pavement quality throughout the street network.


In addition to the above method, staff also conducts field inspections to evaluate and prioritize projects and develop the final project list each year. This allows the City to use both data and personal inspection to make sure the right roads are being paved.


The Board of Commission recently approved the FY 2014 Paving Contract. Scotty’s Contracting and Stone was awarded the $900,000 contract for the City’s Annual Overlay Project which is starting this summer. This program is funded annually through Liquid Fuel Tax revenue received from the State of Kentucky.


For this Fiscal Year (July 14 to June 15), we are projecting paving approximately 4.3 miles of streets which includes supplemental streets. Completion of all projects will depend upon actual field conditions and will be completed as funds allow. If the supplemental streets are not completed in the current Fiscal Year, those streets will carry over to the FY2015 list. Below is the Annual Overlay Project list.



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