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Street Cuts

We’ve talked in the past about contacting the City, County or State for various road issues such as traffic lights, potholes or needed repairs. Today we’ll talk about the specific issue of street cuts and why they are necessary.

Have you ever gone across a metal plate in the road or a hole that has been filled with gravel? These are street cuts where the road has been opened up in order to reach utilities or fix a problem. As frustrating as it may be to cross over such a road cut, I can assure you that it would be far more frustrating to not have access to the necessary utilities because no one wanted the road to be cut up.

Often times we get calls or complaints about specific street cuts and sometimes it is work that the City has done, but many times it is work that has been done by a utility company or construction company. It is difficult for a citizen to determine who initiated a street cut and if you contact City staff, we will be more than happy to get you in contact with the correct agency and we will do our part to ensure that the respective company is being held accountable to repairing the road in an appropriate and timely fashion.

In recent years, the City has enforced stricter regulations on street cuts requiring notice, faster temporary and permanent repair times and heavier fines for violations. As always, our goal is to provide necessary services with as little disruption as possible.

In addition to the regulations, the City makes a concerted effort to coordinate any street paving with all local utility companies to ensure that we are not laying down new pavement only to have it cut up in the following months. Many times situations like this are unavoidable as no one knows when a utility emergency is going to necessitate a road cut, but please know that all the parties are working together to minimize as many road cuts as possible.

For more information on this topic you can visit http://www.bgky.org/publicworks/.

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