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If you are looking for a new gym home, please come down to 225 East 3rd Avenue to give Parks and Recreation a chance. Take a look at our excellent facilities, our great prices and friendly staff. And always feel free to call 270-393-3582

Thinking about getting back in shape?  Wanting to lose a few extra pounds for summer?  Looking to increase your strength and endurance?  Or maybe you just want to be more sound in body mind and spirit?  Then Bowling Green Parks and Recreation (BGPR Fitness) Is the Fitness Facility for you!

Along with the many reasons to keep yourself healthy and fit, the City of Bowling Green would like to provide you with the top five reasons to make BGPR Fitness your gym.

  1. BGPR Fitness has NO contracts, NO enrollment fees, No Initiation fees.  No fees whatsoever, no extra/hidden charges either.  Many other Gyms have additional charges or maintenance fees associated with your membership, not BG Parks and Rec, we only charge you for each month you keep your membership active and nothing else!
  2. Traveling out of town for a few days?  Have to miss the gym for a while due to accident/injury?  Too busy to get to the gym for a week or so, or maybe you just need a little break or some time away?  No worries, no problem!  At BGPR Fitness you can drop your membership card off and ask us to “freeze” it.  This way you will not have lost anytime on your membership while you were away.  Why be penalized for not using your membership?
  3. Like to dance….try Zumba!  Want to strengthen and tone your legs….then Lower Body Blitz is for you! Looking for a fun exercise class that increases coordination skills….try Silver Drums!  Needing a class to increase your strength, flexibility and coordination skills…..Join SilverSneakers!  Want to do Yoga but don’t like having to get down on the floor….then Chair Yoga is perfect for you!  BGPR Fitness has a variety of classes and activities for all ages and abilities.
  4. Need help with your fitness program?  Have a question about using equipment?  Need some motivation or new ideas?  Not really sure how to work out?   Wonder no more…….BGPR Fitness has qualified staff and instructors who can assist you as needed, whether it’s just a quick question about your program, or you needing some assistance using a piece of equipment or wanting some advice to help you reach your goals, BGPR Staff are available to help you with all your fitness needs.

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation offers a multitude of reasonable, affordable membership rates.  Whether you’re a single person, family, student, military/Government, or senior citizen, check out our many discounted membership plans available to you.  We encourage you to come visit us and see what we have to offer either in person or on the web at bgky.org/bgpr/fitness

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Fitness Facility……A step in the right direction, join us for Fitness, Fun and Friends!  225 East Third Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101.  270-393-3232.


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