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Disaster Response Training

You may not think of building and code inspectors as responders, but in the event of a disaster in our community, NCS will be among the first wave of the City’s effort for recovery and helping to get families back into homes. From doing initial damage assessments and determining building safety, NCS electrical, building. and code enforcement inspectors have an important role to play.

Slated for demolition to make way for the addition of needed parking at Kereiakes Park, the former Trax Running building provided an opportunity for both the Police and Fire departments to conduct vitally important field training. After public safety trainings concluded, for the first time, NCS code enforcement and building inspectors used the building to participate in a local Disaster Assessment exercise in preparation for practicing the assessment steps they would take in evaluating conditions they might encounter following a local disaster.

Building Services Manager Jeremy Segur and Code Enforcement Inspector Brad Schargorodski led and coordinated the exercise, which was a follow-up to classroom training they presented together earlier this quarter. Our hard hats are off to Jeremy and Brad for their leadership in this endeavor!

Code Enforcement Coordinator James Napper is responsible for overseeing the final days of the Trax building: its ultimate demolition is merely days away.

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