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The City of Bowling Green is currently working with Time Warner (now owned by Charter Communications and known locally as Spectrum) on the local Cable Franchise Agreement which expired December 31, 2016. All past and any future franchise agreements are nonexclusive agreements which means that other cable television providers may provide service in Bowling Green if they choose to.

The City was recently notified by Spectrum Cable of certain changes to their services in the City. The City of Bowling Green’s Government Access Channel 4 will become Bowling Green TV 196 on April 18, 2017.

In addition to this channel change, Spectrum customers will also be required to have a Spectrum receiver on each television they own by April 18, 2017.  Some existing customers will not be impacted by this action due to their current service arrangements. Customers of Spectrum Cable will need to call 1-844-830-4787 or visit the local cable office to order boxes or to enquire about any changes in their services.

The City of Bowling Green has very limited authority to regulate cable television service pursuant to Federal Law. Neither of the actions pointed out above are, or can be regulated or prohibited by the City. The City does not oversee Spectrum Cable.

All questions relating to Spectrum Services should be directed to 1-844-830-4787.  For more information on Bowling Green TV 196, please contact Kim Lancaster at 270-393-3642.


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