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The Bowling Green Police Department operates the Advanced Tactical Training Center located in the Hobson Grove area. While this facility has been around for many years, it hasn’t always been the quality training facility that it is today.  In May of 2010 a flood devastated the training center either destroying or severely damaging the entire training area. The City of Bowling green took this opportunity to update the facility in many ways.

After a major construction project and input from many sources, the range was updated and became a great tool in the belt for the City.  In more recent times, the facility was expanded and upgraded again by adding a K-9 training area and a Critical Response Team component.

Today, the Critical Response Team can put themselves through rigorous training using a variety of challenging obstacles.  The K-9s can hone skills needed to search large areas and the obstacles encountered during these tasks. 

Having a facility covering many facets of training keeps the City from being dependent on other facilities thus lowering the cost of training.  The department feels fortunate to have such a quality training center.

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