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Most people would agree that training can save lives. Officers in the Bowling Green Police Department are continually training, adapting and learning new skills. In 2017, technology has grown to allow training to be high-speed and realistic, using real-to-life scenarios.

In December of 2016 the Bowling Green Police Department purchased and installed a system utilizing the latest computer technology and interactive software called The Training Lab.  Officers stand in front of a theatre-style simulator screen and participate in scenarios in which their actions dictate the outcome.  Officers learn and utilize critical thinking and verbalization skills to obtain the best possible result.

Along with the officer using knowledge and verbal skills, the system allows for interactions with various tools such as O/C Spray (pepper spray), a baton, Taser, pepper ball, a handgun and a long gun all through laser technology.  Our training staff can choose from over 800 scenarios ranging from traffic stops to mentally ill, from domestic situations to life or death decisions.  Officers must make the appropriate choice of what tool to use and how to use it for each of the scenarios that they encounter.

The Bowling Green Police Department values training which helps officers to hone their skills and communication.  When not in use for officer training, the BGPD hopes to utilize the system through educational programs, such as the Citizens Police Academy.  We see great value in helping the public experience the same situations officers experience on a daily basis.



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