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BGPD School Liaison Program


The Bowling Green Police Department School Liaison Program involves assigning a police officer to each elementary, junior and senior high school in Bowling Green. The officers are responsible for law enforcement services at their assigned schools. Liaison officers work closely with school staff and administrators to provide a safe and positive learning atmosphere in the school systems served by the program.


Officers often to spend time in the schools having lunch, attending programs or even shooting some hoops with the kids.  It affords the officers the ability to give great first impressions and to create trusting relationships with students.  The kids become accustomed to seeing an officer in their school from kindergarten through high school.


Officers also answer calls for service at their assigned schools when working which also builds trust and rapport.  Some officers have seen children through graduation and are now dealing with a second generation in the schools.  Officers enjoy their time and know their efforts ultimately pay off when the children openly trust and genuinely enjoy their interactions with them.


Below are comments from a few of BGPD’s finest regarding their interactions with students, staff and schools.

Officer Matt Davis: 

“The school liaison is very important to me because it is yet another way our department strives to bridge the gap between the police and our community. I believe our students (especially young kids) need to see us during times other than just during an emergency.  This fosters a positive relationship and shows children police really are humans, just like them, and can always be approached for safety or in times when they simply need a role model or friend. I still have positive memories of my DARE officer coming and speaking to my class when I was young and that really set the standard for me of how to live a respectful and productive life. Often times the kids view police as nothing short of Superman himself but, I want the children to know we are certainly no different than them or their parents. We simply have different jobs or roles in our community.”


Officer Wade Hughes: 

“This program benefits the children as well as the officer.  It allows the children to see us a regular people, not just people who come to their house to enforce laws upon their parents.  It also helps the officer remember the children are people who look up to us.  They have fears and excitements just like anyone else.  The interactions help reinforce future relationships with the children as they grow into adulthood.”


Officer Jan Tuttle: 

“As an officer I believe being a part of a school makes a huge difference.  Spending time in schools help officers get to know the kids, teachers and administrators.  Officers are always available to help when problems arise but, mostly they like to hang out with the students whether it’s playing ball or reading books.  Officers spending time in schools could change the life of a child who seems to be headed in a bad direction.  Keeping kids on a positive path is what it is all about.”


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