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Thank You

Record snow falls blanketed the City of Bowling Green this past week helping to coin the phrase #Snowmageddon2015. Nearly a foot of snow mixed with frigid temperatures made sure that this storm would go down in Bowling Green history. Facebook was full of pictures and status updates, while Twitter was constantly buzzing with more re-tweets of @joeimel than ever before.

While Mother Nature was doing all that she could to keep the citizens of Bowling Green trapped in their homes, the City of Bowling Green Public Works crews (among many others) were out working in the elements to salt, plow and treat roads as the snow fell.

Starting Sunday, February 15th, at 10 p.m. crews started working in 8 hour shifts to prepare the trucks and salt the roads. For the next week, these folks stayed out on the roads 24 hours per day in varying shifts. Many of these employees had to leave their homes and their families at all hours of the day or night in order to make the streets safer for the rest of us. During this time, 923 tons of deicer was used and miles upon miles of City streets were plowed (often times more than once as the snow fell at such a heavy rate).

While Public Works crews did all that they could out in the field, Parks and Recreation staff worked to clear parking lots and Public Safety assisted travelers who were stuck or stranded and helped to push numerous vehicles out of dangerous situations. Again, these folks were working around the clock often times in negative temperatures.

As someone who was able to work from my home and my office, I am so grateful for the work that was done. Updates were posted on social media as often as possible and it was clear that most of the citizens of Bowling Green agreed that these employees were doing an excellent and efficient job. Here are just a few of the things that were said:

Shout out to all the first responders for keeping us safe this week

Appreciate all the work so that I can eventually feel safe leaving the house

Way to go James, Josh, Glenn, Kevin, Burris, Jeff, Allen, and Brawner

Thank you for your hard work. And thanks to your families for their sacrifice also. Prayers you all stay safe.

A huge shout out to the road crews who are clearing our roads. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Thank you so much for your service to our community!!

Be careful out there ladies and/or gentlemen! We appreciate all you do.
You all have done an amazing job! Thank you.

The work of not only City crews but County, State and many others helped to get people back on the roads quickly and safely. If you know someone who was working out during the storm, please take a moment to say thank you. Some of our Board of Commissioners wanted staff to know:

Commissioner Rick Williams: A word of thanks to every team member who went above and beyond to help the citizens of Bowling Green during the recent weather crisis. Your dedication and determination to get the job done was simply outstanding! Great job everyone!!

Commissioner Melinda Hill: Thank you for the LONG hours you put in during the winter storm to make our City operable! I have heard nothing but good things about your efforts! Thank you so much.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson: Thank you to our staff and crews in all departments who were working long hours around the clock to not only clear our roads but to help keep others safe. Your work did not go unnoticed and we are all appreciative.

Commissioner Joe Denning: A special thank you to everyone who was out on the streets of Bowling Green this past week working in the elements. Your dedication and efforts went above and beyond.

Commissioner Sue Parrigin – I cannot express the appreciation, admiration, and amazement for the work that was done by our public works, parks, police, fire, and other personnel on behalf of our community as a result of our severe weather event. All stayed the course and the dedication and commitment, sometimes at a cost to their own personal and family needs, did not go unnoticed by the citizens of Bowling Green and Warren County. A personal thank you for a job well done in helping to keep us all safe and sound under these extreme circumstances is certainly in order! Again, thank you for a job well done!
There is no way that we can name everyone who worked around the clock this past week but thank you especially to the following Public Works crew:

Gary Hardin
Ryan Johnson
Allen Papp
Barry Basham
Brent Brawner
Cameron Carver
Cary Watt
David Wood
Derrick Sigdestad
Eric Joiner
Jacob Boose
Jeff Salings
Kevin Meredith
Derrick Sanders
Michael Spruill
Randy Rascoe
Shawn Whitlow
Tommy Burris
Tony Phelps
Wes Jackson
David Wilbert
Glenn Lamastus
James Craft
Jeff Walden
Josh Miller
Patrick Henderson
Roy Basham
Kevin Phelps
Bobby Phelps

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  1. Susie says:

    I am also proud of the guys that work at the cemetery thru all thes cold days the past couple of months and thru this snow!

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