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Monthly Archive for March, 2018

Street Cuts

We’ve talked in the past about contacting the City, County or State for various road issues such as traffic lights, potholes or needed repairs. Today we’ll talk about the specific issue of street cuts and why they are necessary. Have you ever gone across a metal plate in the road or a hole that has […]

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Boards and Commissions

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has an opinion about local government and what should and shouldn’t be happening, but often times people don’t know how they can get involved. Below are a list of ways that you can serve or be a part of your local government. Residents can always come to […]

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Who Maintains that Road?

Have you ever been driving down a road in or around Bowling Green and you notice a problem with the road condition, traffic signal, a pot hole or a street cut? This can be frustrating for a resident and we want to make sure you know who to contact about a specific issues – as […]

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