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Every two years, the City of Bowling Green takes the time to participate in the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and National Research Center (NRC) National Citizen Survey (NCS).  This survey is a low-cost citizen survey service for local governments.

Residents living within the City limits of Bowling Green may receive a post card in the mail this July telling them that they have been randomly selected to participate in Bowling Green’s survey. This year, we ask that if you are receive a postcard you fill out the survey online at the address that will be provided to you. Additional information on how to access the survey will be provided if you are selected.

If you are chosen at random and receive a notice in the  mail, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and let us know how you feel about our roads, public safety, parks, crime, public services and so much more. The survey is only a few pages long and it gives staff insight to what citizens are or aren’t happy with in the City.

To get a diverse and representative sample of Bowling Green residents, the adult (anyone 18 years or older) in your household who most recently had a birthday should complete this survey. Year of birth of the adult does not matter.


Participation in this survey is very important since only a small number of households are being surveyed. If you have any questions about the Citizen Survey please call 270.393.3642.

Bowling Green has been utilizing the National Citizen Survey since 2008 and staff uses the results to improve service delivery, develop future projects and assist with budget preparation.   If you would like to see the results from previous surveys, please visit http://www.bgky.org/citizen-surveys.php. We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions for future surveys.

Please help us shape the future of Bowling Green. Thanks for your time and participation – we look forward to hearing from you!

2016 Fireworks

Many things come to mind when thinking about the 4th of July: freedom, summer, BBQ’s, pool parties and of course, fireworks!


There are those who love fireworks and those who loathe them. To help make sure that everyone has a great 4th of July holiday, the City of Bowling Green has offered some good neighbor courtesies as well as some safety guideline and regulations to keep in mind for the 2015 season.

A freeze frame of fireworks.


Because not everyone is excited about the loud bangs and bright lights, notify your neighbors before using any large fireworks near your home and never put other people or their property at risk.

garden hose

Fireworks are NOT permitted on public streets, and any debris left by fireworks should be picked up and disposed of properly. Never point or throw fireworks at another person, and always keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of a fire or other mishap. Consumer fireworks may only be used by individuals at least 18 years of age.

Fireworks : Ground Spinners, or ground wheels or charkhi

The city DOES NOT require a permit to discharge fireworks from June 27th through July 5th  from noon until 10 p.m., and on July 4th from noon until 11 p.m. All other dates require a Special Fireworks Discharge Permit from the Bowling Green Fire Department.


Keep in mind that enforcement of firework guidelines is a complaint driven process. Please call the Bowling Green Police Department non-emergency line at 270-393-4244 to file a complaint regarding fireworks. For more safety guidelines or to obtain a Special Fireworks Discharge Permit, contact the Bowling Green Fire Department at 270-393-3702, or visit their website at www.bgky.org/fire.

Most importantly, have a safe and Happy 4th of July!



BGPR Adult Softball

Looking to pick back up one of your favorite sports from your childhood?  Check out Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Adult Softball Leagues.  Bowling Green Parks and Recreation offers multiple leagues throughout the spring, summer, and fall months that provide clean and fun games for everyone.


Our leagues are offered to anyone 16 years and older (minors will have to provide parental consent), whether you are looking to play on a competitive level or just for fun.  Bowling Green Parks and Recreation provides the following leagues for teams to play in: Men’s Industrial, Men’s Open, and Coed.  Don’t have a team of your own?  That’s okay; Bowling Green Parks and Recreation allows for individuals to complete an Individual Placement form.  The Individual Placement forms are then dispersed to teams looking for additional players who will contact you about being placed on their team.

Prices of the leagues vary depending on the season and the number of games that are scheduled for that season.  Spring League is $425 and consists of 12 league games and a seeded double-elimination tournament.  Mid-Summer League is $350 and consists of 8 league games and a seeded double-elimination tournament.  Fall League is $400 and consists of 10 league games and a seeded double-elimination tournament.


Games are played at Lampkin Park and Hobson Grove and game nights vary depending on the league.  Game times are at 6:00pm, 7:10pm, and 8:20pm.  A mandatory coaches meeting is scheduled prior to the begin date of each season.  During this meeting, our Athletics Division will meet with all of the team managers and discuss the rules and regulations for each league.

Interested in joining our Adult Softball Leagues or wanting to know more information?  Call 270-393-3624 for more information regarding our fun, clean leagues.

The City of Bowling Green, in conjunction with multiple sponsors, will be hosting the Paul Walker Memorial Golf Tournament on June 4th and 5th, 2016 at the Paul Walker Golf Course.


This tournament is open to the public and limited to the first 100 players. The entry fee is $100 for non-members and $90 for members of Paul Walker and Riverview Golf Courses.  Your fee includes a sleeve of Titleist ProV1 golf balls, riding carts for Saturday and Sunday’s rounds and lunch provided on both days.


The 36 hole medal play will begin with a shotgun start at 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.  Prizes will include Titleist AP1 irons, a Titleist 915 driver, a Titleist 816 hybrid, and a $75 BGPD Gold Division Gift Certificate.


The Paul Walker Memorial Golf Tournament is in its 33rd year and sponsors of the tournament include J.B. Distributors; Chandler Real Estate; Coca-Cola; Rafferty’s; Cunningham Golf Car Company; and Dukes Sporting Goods.


Paul Walker Golf Course is located at 1044 Covington Avenue.  For more information or to secure your place in the tournament, please contact the Paul Walker Golf Course at 270-393-3821.


Police and Fire Recruits

At its March 1st meeting, the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of ten new police officers and seven new firefighters.  For the 17 rookies, this culminated a seven-month trek through the City’s extensive recruitment, testing and selection processes.


Last August, the Human Resources & Risk Management Department began advertising for both police officer and firefighter.  The City typically recruits twice a year for police officer, and about once every 18 months for firefighter.  In order to make sure that the public knows about municipal job opportunities, the City spends over $60,000 a year advertising vacancies, and much of that is spent on public safety hiring.

Fire NEW logo 2014-BLACK BKGD


This Friday, May 27th at 6:00 p.m. at the Fire Administration Building, the City will have a ceremony for the 2016 Fire Recruit Class which will include a pinning of badges and the oath of office.  Afterwards light refreshments will be served.  Our Police Officer recruits will have a similar ceremony when their academy is completed.


A total of almost 400 applications were received by the advertised deadlines in September.  Applicants were then tested, evaluated and put through a series of activities that narrowed the candidate pool.  This can include testing, fitness testing, personality assessments, polygraphs, psychological evaluations, background investigations, reference checks, interviews, and the medical physical.   Members of the seven-citizen Workforce Recruitment & Outreach Committee attended and observed the police officer interviews in order to provide the City with feedback about the hiring process.


In addition to the extensive recruitment, City employment opportunities are posted on the City’s website at www.bgky.org/hr/jobs.  Potential applicants register to receive automatic emails when certain job openings are posted, including police officer, firefighter, and dispatcher. Applications are completed on-line.  The City of Bowling Green is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.


Fairview Cemetery

Did you know that there is more to Fairview Cemetery than meets the eye?


The City of Bowling Green Fairview Cemetery has a Veteran’s Section that is designated for burials of Warren County Veterans.  Its official name is the Brock E Beery Veteran’s Cemetery.  The City sells memorial bricks for $50.00 that can be placed in the Veteran’s plaza for any Veteran.


This section is dedicated to men and women who have served our country in the armed forces and were honorably discharged. Graves are donated to the veteran, and their families pay a small foundation fee for the headstone or footstone and for the opening and closing of the grave. All Veterans are buried facing the East. The replica of the Eiffel Tower has a special meaning to veterans and their families in Warren County. It helps one to recall the price our fallen soldiers paid for their country’s freedom. It was moved from Fountain Square Park to Fairview Cemetery in 1979.


Fairview Cemetery also has a beautiful grotto fountain that is surrounded by our cremation area.  We have a section in front of the fountain that is designated for in ground cremation burials and two cremation Niches with 48 doors in each one.  There is a beautiful scattering garden that borders this area.


One additional part of our cemetery is the Bloch Chapel.  This chapel was built around 1938 in memory of the Bloch family by their children.  The chapel can be rented for $75 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours for weddings, funerals, memorial services and other church functions.


The cemetery administration office is located at 1209 Fairview Avenue in front of cemetery #2.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  If you have any questions about Fairview or any other cemetery, please contact us at (270) 393-3607.

May 2016 Auction

The City of Bowling Green online auction is back and as always, is offering a variety of items that will rival any Flea Market.  You can begin bidding on all of our items starting May 9, 2016 at 8 a.m. at www.govdeals.com.


The City of BG regularly posts online auctions in order to sell surplus items.  A complete description and photographs of the pieces, along with instructions on the auction process is available on govdeals beginning on the start date. The general public is encouraged to participate.


To access Bowling Green’s auction, simply search for Bowling Green, KY on the govdeals website and all items will be listed with pictures and current bid amounts. Please note that items will not be available to view until May 9. The auction will close on May 16.


The list below includes most of the interesting and unique items that will be open to bid on.  We really do have something for everyone.


Shop till you drop – without even leaving your home! Please remember that all items are used and working condition is not always known. Partial list:


Auction items include vehicles, tires, office equipment and supplies, bicycles, exercise equipment, tools, computer equipment and more.

Remember, the pictures in this article only include some of the items. Log on, to view and bid on all items.

West End Soccer Field

The City of Bowling Green will hold a Ribbon Cutting on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. for the grand opening of the new West End Soccer Field located at The Foundry; 531 West 11th Street. This 330’ x 180’ Bermuda grass field will have multiple uses including free play, practices and tournaments.


The size of the field will accommodate either one adult field or four fields for eight and under and will serve the boundaries of Main Avenue to Old Morgantown Road.

2015-22 West End Soccer 02

The development of this soccer field is a joint project with the City of Bowling Green and The Bowling Green District of The United Methodist Church. Property for the park was provided at no cost to the City. The Foundry will provide daily maintenance of the property, parking lot and bathrooms. The City provided the cost for the construction of the field, will provide all major maintenance for the park property, will schedule usage, and will handle all renting procedures associated with the park.


The total cost for this project was $315,000.


Parks Adventures

If you are looking for fun and free things to do this spring and summer then look no further. Below is five great suggestions for a variety of activities at City parks.

5. Take your mountain bike out for a ride along the trails at Weldon Peete Park on Old Louisville Road. With 54 acres of open space, greenways, bike trails and boat ramps Weldon Peete Park is sure to have something for everyone.



4. Feeling adventurous? Strap on your skates, grab your skateboard or jump on your BMX bike and visit the Bowling Green Skate Park at 400 Center Street and try out our 22,000 square foot concrete park. A variety of rails, ramps, bowls and half pipes await you. Several bleachers are available for spectators and the park is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.





3. Interested in Civil War history? Take the time to visit Fort Webb Park at 299 Ft. Webb Drive. This 1.2 acre park is a Civil War Historical site known as one of the numerous fortifications in Bowling Green used by the CSA and Union forces. This park boasts stone terrain and lush vegetation and provides great views of Bowling Green’s country side.




2. Have you been looking for a great place to walk in the City limits that still feels like you are far out in the country? Look no further then Chuck Crume Nature Park at 2035 Nashville Road. This hidden gem of a park has 20 acres and plenty of trails for folks to enjoy a run or a walk. With two picnic tables, this park is also a great place for an outdoor lunch.

1. Is the heat getting to you? Are you looking for a great place to cool off? If so, Circus Square Park is just for you! Located at 601 State Street in downtown Bowling Green, this park not only has plenty of shaded green space but also has a large fountain that provides a refreshing way to cool off and have fun. Young and old alike are often found running through the water during our summer months.




If you would like more information on these parks or any other great places to go in Bowling Green, please visit www.bgky.org.


FootGolf is a growing sports trend that has found its way to the USA from its origins in Europe.  Last fall, BGPR installed a nine-hole course at the Golf Course at RiverView and offered our inaugural event, “FootGolf Doubles Cup” in November.  We had a tremendous response and are now excited to announce that, beginning in April, we will offer regular opportunities to play more footgolf.

BG foot golf

Here’s the scoop on this new BGPR program:

“What is FootGolf?”

Footgolf is a pretty simple concept; the game combines soccer and golf.  All the equipment you need to play is a soccer ball and your foot.  No clubs!  The goal is to put the regulation size soccer ball (size 5) into a 21′ diameter cup in the fewest amount of kicks.


“Where is the FootGolf course?”

The Golf Course at RiverView has installed a nine-hole FootGolf course within the nine-hole golf course.

“When can I play?”

The Golf Course at RiverView has set aside Monday and Friday evenings as FootGolf times.  BGPR will also look to offer routine Foot Golf special events! Riverview is located at 1200 West Main Street.


“What’s the cost?”

The cost is the same as playing regular golf at RiverView (WHICH IS SUPER CHEAP!!).  18 holes with a cart = $17; 18 holes walking = $6; 9 holes with a cart = $12, and 9 holes walking =$5.


“How long does it take to play 9 holes?”

FootGolf is roughly (no golf pun intended) at least twice as fast to play as regular golf.  Just consider that you are using the same club (your foot) around the entire course.

Want more information about this exciting new game?  Call BGPR at 270-393-3249 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions not listed.

Want to know more about BGPR, please visit www.bgky.org.


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